About Spiral Curling Irons?

Answer Spiral curls are one of the most romantic looks today. They are beautiful and soften the face, but they are also practical for an active date because they do not tangle easily. Spiral curling irons... Read More »

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Do Spiral Curling Irons Work?

Spiral curls are attractive whether styled in an updo or worn cascading around the face. On the red carpet and on other special occasions, celebrities like Julia Roberts, Debra Messing and Julia Lo... Read More »

About Curling Irons?

Curling irons have been used for all of recorded history, to shape and curl hair, beards, bangs and wigs. Early irons were somewhat dangerous and fluctuating temperatures made it difficult to manip... Read More »

About Professional Curling Irons?

Curling irons can create a look that would otherwise be utterly impossible for anyone with flat, straight or dull hair. Flowing curls that blow carelessly in the wind could never be summoned by a m... Read More »

About Vintage Curling Irons?

Vintage curling irons are highly collectible items. Some are true marvels both in construction and in the idea that women used them to style their hair without burning it right off. If you are inte... Read More »