About Skin Bleach?

Answer People all over the world suffer from skin discoloration whether due to sun damage, aging or even hormonal changes. One solution that many people have turned to is skin bleaching. Skin bleach is a ... Read More »

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How do I make my skin lighter without using a skin bleach?

stay out of the sun and wear longsleeved clothing

What do you use to bleach your skin?

Of course it was Martin Luther King's big dream that all black people could have a whiter skin and a job, but then it all got out of hand & the CIA had to shoot him. You don't want to go raking ... Read More »

How to Use Skin Bleach?

Even, smooth-looking skin is what many people try to achieve through bleaching. Skin discoloration and unevenness can be caused by freckles, trauma, bites, scares, old acne scars, liver spots or a ... Read More »

Should i bleach my skin?

It gives you cancer over time and will DESTROY your skin. Do NOT do itYou can also use plain yogurt on your skin, that also has a bleaching effect and is not harmful.