About Seniors' Hair?

Answer You are officially a senior citizen, getting all of the discounts and the other perks that go along with being a baby boomer. You are perfectly content with your age but you are not happy with your... Read More »

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Job Ideas for Seniors?

Many people look forward to the day they can retire and enjoy their golden years, but retirees often discover that the life they have dreamed of is not exactly what they thought it would be. Some s... Read More »

Hairstyles for Seniors?

Different hair issues plague seniors than younger people, including hair loss, graying, medical conditions and, for some, antiquated styles. A senior can overcome all of these hair issues just by b... Read More »

FHA Mortgage Help for Seniors?

The Federal Housing Administration has been assisting homeowners and those looking to purchase a home since 1934. The FHA offers mortgage insurance, which reduces a lender's risk and has allowed mi... Read More »

Community Projects for Seniors?

One way for high school seniors to interact with and give back to the community is to participate in or host a community project before they graduate. This project should benefit the community. A c... Read More »