About Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Relaxer?

Answer Semi-permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair relaxers are both used to temporarily alter the state of your hair. Many people use them in conjunction with each other because hair relaxer can ch... Read More »

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Facts About Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-permanent hair color will color hair without permanently altering its natural shade. It is ideal for someone who is new to hair coloring and can be used at home. Semi-permanent hair color last... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Semi Permanent & Demi Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-Permanent and Demi-Permanent hair colors are similar in terms of the end result. However, they differ in how they are formulated and the way the color deposits onto hair follicles. ... Read More »

Demi Permanent Vs. Semi Permanent Hair Color?

Both demi-permanent and semi-permanent hair color dyes can be applied at a salon or at home. The main differences between demi and semi-permanent hair color are the duration the color lasts and how... Read More »

Is hair color toner the same as semi-permanent color?

Yes, hair toner and semi-permanent color are the same. Hair toner is used to tone down certain colors to give the hair a more natural look. You can also use a permanent color for toning, however se... Read More »