About Satin Bows?

Answer Satin fabric has been used for centuries, and has become especially popular in fashion during the past century. Satin bows are a common style for satin clothing, decorations, wrapping and details o... Read More »

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Can you paint without sanding satin paint over satin?

Yes but there is no guarantee that the colour on the surface will not streak or show a different colour through. Added to this is the fact in many houses in particular there are spray polishes used... Read More »

How to Remove Ink From Satin?

Once you notice an ink stain on satin, you may begin to worry if it will ever come out of the fabric. The delicacy of satin makes cleaning the fabric more challenging than most materials. Ink stain... Read More »

How to Get Creases Out of Satin?

Satin has been a staple of the fashion and textile industry for centuries and is one of the most commonly used fabrics for wedding gowns, lingerie, upholstery and draperies. Its silky smooth textur... Read More »

How to Satin Stitch?

This is a type of stitching where you stitch a series of stitches side by side. This type of stitching lets you to decorate a base fabric or attach one fabric to another. Satin stitch is also known... Read More »