About Sandblasters for Home Use?

Answer A sandblaster strips paint from metal parts and car door panels. Used for refinishing car exteriors and stripping paint from refrigerators or sheet metal, it is typically not something used in the ... Read More »

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Im just about to leave home into a new flat, how do i got about getting a phone line set up?

Talk to BT, there may already be a line there and in that case they will connect it for free!

What germs are you concerned about at home, out and about or in the office?

I use a lot of bleach and antibacterial wipes around my home, so I'm not too concerned about there as I clean it regularly.I am always conscious of touching things like door handles, bannisters, es... Read More »

What is the best home theatre system ever i dont care about the price i do care about the POWER!?

Which is the best brand for home airconditions , what about samsung home airconditions?

julsin - you made it to "Consumer Electronics" o.k., but should have clicked on the "Other" sub-forum, rather than this one, for this question re: air conditioners. This is 'Home Theater', where th... Read More »