About Ring Necked Pheasants?

Answer The ring-necked pheasant, also known as the common pheasant, is a ground-dwelling bird native to eastern Asia. It was successfully introduced into North America in the late 1800's. It is commonly f... Read More »

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Is the Southern ring-necked snake poisonous?

The Diadophis punctatus punctatus, or Southern ring-necked snake, is not poisonous. In fact, besides being nonvenomous, it rarely bites at all. Instead, when threatened, it may, according to the Fl... Read More »

Where in North America did the ring-necked pheasant first arrive?

The ring-necked pheasant first arrived in North America in 1733, when it was first introduced in New York. Since 1881, when 100 pairs of ring-necked pheasants were released in Oregon, the bird has ... Read More »

How to Hunt Pheasants?

Hunting pheasants like this one takes practice, but is a fun sport.Hunting pheasants is both fun and great exercise. You need to be very careful though, and you should practice with your gun before... Read More »

How to Breed and Incubate Pheasants?

Male and female pheasantThis article is about pheasants and how to raise and breed them. Pheasants are not very good parents because they step on their young, and they don’t keep their babies saf... Read More »