About Razor Burn?

Answer Razor burn is a type of irritation on the surface of the skin associated with shaving. It is a common condition that can affect males and females. While it is typically not cause for serious medica... Read More »

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What to do about razor burn on the lady parts?

I once heard an interview with a porn actress. She said Visine gets the red out down there too!

The Difference Between Razor Burn & Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps and razor burns are two distinct types of skin irritation caused by shaving. Both are completely avoidable if you use the proper shaving technique. Does this Spark an ... Read More »

How to Stop Razor Burn From a Straight Razor?

Shaving can sometimes result in razor burn, a series of red bumps that look like a rash. Razor burn can be unattractive, irritating and painful. All razors can cause razor burn, whether it is a str... Read More »

SABC - During a class about burn treatment a student relates a story about using butter to cool a burn. How should you respond?

Butter contains proteins which could encourage infection. You should only cool the burn with water, then keep the tissue moist under a sterile gauze.