About Qwerty Keyboards?

Answer QWERTY keyboards reign as the standard in keyboard design, found on nearly every English keyboard produced and marketed today. Having seen use for over 100 years, the market seems reluctant to let ... Read More »

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Does anyone know why computer keyboards are set out like QWERTY...etc?

It is not really accurate that the keys on a QWERTY keyboard are set out based on how much letters are used. It is an old format that dates back to the 1870's. It was created by a gentleman named C... Read More »

Who invented QWERTY keyboards?

The QWERTY keyboard was invented by Charles Sholes, the inventor of the typewriter, in 1868. It is named for the first five letters on the top left of the keyboard, "Q," "W," "E," "R," "T" and "Y."... Read More »

Why do we have a QWERTY keyboards instead of a ABCDEF keyboard?

back when they originally designed the keyboard, they designed it in a way that would slow people down on purpose.. the reason for this was because the old fashioned type-writers would jam if you ... Read More »

Why QWERTY keyboards are more common than other keyboard layouts such as Dvorak or AZERTY?

1.Barbara Blackburn's achievement of 212 wpm using a Dvorak keyboard in the Guinness Book of Records in 1985. More widespread knowledge only came about in the mid-1990s when operating systems start... Read More »