About Push Up Bras?

Answer Bras can be naughty or nice, functional or flimsy, saucy or sweet. Push up bras in particular veer toward the naughtier side of the argument, designed to thrust the breasts upward for an alluring d... Read More »

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When did push-up bras become so popular?

Fredrick's of Hollywood was the first to introduce the push-up bra in 1946. However, this boob-booster didn't become really big until the late 1980s and 1990s. In 1994 Wonderbra designed the push-u... Read More »

If they make Push-up bras for us in our Wonder Years ...?

Gee I would love to have any kind of bra that works!!! At this age, nothing seems to help my dangling bitties!! I'm getting to the point where I should just shove them into my pants and tell people... Read More »

Which is betterFull-cup bras or Half-cup bras?

When youre having a baby do you push like when you poo or how do you push?

you push like you are going poo but its like ur doing a sit up put ashely harder! i hope this helps - saralove1 -