About Proactiv Acne Medicine?

Answer Proactiv acne medicines and skin care treatments have been helping acne sufferers deal with their problem skin since 1995. Celebrities and ordinary folks both proclaim the benefits of Proactiv, and... Read More »

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Does the acne medicine- PROACTIV really work. My daughter just began using it, she's almost 13.?

Does proactiv remove acne?

On One Hand: Proactiv Works for ManyProactiv uses established acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide in its system. 85 percent of people with mild to moderate acne who use Proactiv report visibly im... Read More »

How do I Cure Acne With Proactiv & Murad?

Red-hot inflamed skin and unsightly pimples occur as a result of acne. Dead skin cells create a plug in the follicle and trap excess oil and the bacteria that cause acne. The bacteria feed on the o... Read More »

Does Proactiv work on cystic acne?

On One Hand: Proactiv Works On All Types of AcneCystic acne forms like other types of acne---the glands below the hairline get clogged with too much oil, and as the gland produces more oil, the are... Read More »