About Ponytails?

Answer Ponytail is the name that is given to a hair style in which the hair is gathered together and hangs down the back of the head. The name derives from its resemblance to the tail of a horse. Usuall... Read More »

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I'd like to change my hairstyle for a new look. What about using some clip-in bangs or clip ponytails?

About the hair extensions, I love the feather hair extensions more. I saw many celebrities use this kind of feather hair, like Selena Gomez.…

How to Do Two Ponytails?

The style of two ponytails, often called pigtails, came from the term tobacco farmers once used for describing twisted bundles of tobacco crops. The hairstyle was first common only among young girl... Read More »

How to Get Retro Ponytails?

A basic ponytail requires nothing more than an elastic band and hair long enough to pull back. But retro or vintage-inspired ponytails are more elaborate -- using bobby pins, clips and styling prod... Read More »

Pigtails Vs. Ponytails?

Pigtails and ponytails are two popular hair styles used by both men and women, young and old. They are both simple styles to construct taking little time and resources. Both can be used to express ... Read More »