About Polar Fleece?

Answer Polar fleece has only been around since 1979, but it's hard to believe how we ever got along without it. It is an inexpensive alternative to wool, excellent for workout gear and snuggly and fun for... Read More »

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How to Use a Polar Fleece?

Polar fleece is a type of fabric that is designed to trap body heat while still allowing some air flow. Body heat is kept between the fabric and body instead of allowing the body heat to dissipate.... Read More »

Washing Polar Fleece?

Polar fleece is a fairly hard-wearing and low maintenance fabric. Most products made with polar fleece can be machine washed and dried but not dry cleaned, as the cleaning solvents disrupt the chem... Read More »

What is polar fleece made of?

Since 1993, polar fleece, a material known for being lightweight, warm, soft and moisture-wicking, has been made from recycled plastic bottles and petroleum. The plastic is liquefied, mixed with pe... Read More »

When do you use a polar fleece horse rug?

A polar fleece horse rug is called a "cooler." Coolers can be draped over sweaty horses during cold weather. You would then slowly roll the cooler back from the front as the horse's coat dries. Coo... Read More »