About Perms?

Answer The perm (short for permanent wave) has long been a hairstyle associated with the 1980s. However, perms have actually been around since 1872. Over the decades, the techniques and fashion associated... Read More »

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Black girls, How do you feel about black girls with natural hair and being opposed to perms?

I LOVE natural hair. It is so different and unique. I hate that so many sistas perm claiming that it is for this and that when they know the real reason is just a complex. However if black girls wa... Read More »

How Do Perms Work?

Until the 2000 model year, the Ford Escort had been Ford's small-car offering, but that changed with the introduction of the Focus. Still using a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder, transversely front-mounte... Read More »

Types of Curly Perms?

The modern permanent wave, or perm, is a method of hair treatment that has fallen in and out of favor since it was created in 1938. The perm process uses chemicals to break hair bonds, which can r... Read More »

Types of Perms & Advice?

Perming makes waves and curls last six to eight weeks, rather than the one day of curls with hot rollers. Different hair types require different kinds of perms. Although the skill of your stylist i... Read More »