About Perms?

Answer The perm (short for permanent wave) has long been a hairstyle associated with the 1980s. However, perms have actually been around since 1872. Over the decades, the techniques and fashion associated... Read More »

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What are all the different types of perms?

BODY PERMS are very soft, loose perms created by using large curlers, or sometimes rollers. The result is added volume with a hint of wave and movement rather than curls.ROOT PERMS add lift and vo... Read More »

Do perms normally look better a few days after you get it?

it is a small possiblility that the texture could change...Id like to remind you that a perm FRYS hair, so of course your hair is going to be bushy and poofy.

How Do Perms Work?

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Short Hairdos With Perms?

When working with short hair with a perm, options can seem limited. A short curly look doesn’t have the amount of versatility of longer hair, but there are still many looks one can achieve. Per... Read More »