About Perfumes?

Answer Since ancient times, people have used perfume in religious ceremonies and for purposes of seduction. The methods of production vary, as do the glass vials that carry the scents, worn sparingly on t... Read More »

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The Best Top Perfumes?

Many women have a favorite fragrance that complements their natural body chemistry and gives them confidence. If you have yet to find that perfect fragrance, you are likely experimenting with many ... Read More »

The Top 5 Best Perfumes?

Women have been wearing perfume throughout recorded history, and the desire to wear a new fragrance carries with it a hope to make a favorable impression, attract a potential mate and simply to sme... Read More »

The Top Ten Men's Perfumes?

The endless array of men's cologne often makes it difficult to know which to choose. The easiest way to buy a fragrance is to test it yourself. If you like what you smell, the choice is simple, but... Read More »

Perfumes That Guys Like?

Scent is a personal thing. Everyone has different body chemistry which means that different scents smell different on people. Scent can also attract the opposite sex. While the perfumes that guys l... Read More »