About Pedicures?

Answer The pedicure is a grooming ritual for the feet. A pampering salon service used for relaxation and as a spa treatment, the pedicure is standard foot care for both men and women. From the ancient ori... Read More »

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About Self-Pedicures?

Pedicures are an ancient practice that dates back to Ancient Egypt. Though today pedicures are viewed as mainly a personal grooming practice, it has many known health benefits as well; particularly... Read More »

How To Do Home Pedicures?

In the summer, many people like to show off their feet. That's when it's time for a pedicure. Salon pedicures are a rather costly luxury. Though it can be lots of fun to be pampered by a profession... Read More »

How to Give Self Pedicures?

Stop letting your crack-soled feet embarrass you just because you cannot afford a luxurious pedicure at a fancy spa. Take the time to pamper your feet at home with the same result. Create a spa-lik... Read More »

How to Book Pedicures for Men?

Pedicures are becoming a more viable grooming option for men, since it is easy, convenient, and promotes good foot health, according to podiatrists. A pedicure can also be a real bargain when it in... Read More »