About Parakeet Bird Cages?

Answer Although parakeets enjoy perching on their owner's shoulder, the sociable birds require a secure enclosure to call home. A parakeet's cage provides safety from other pets, young children and househ... Read More »

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Can i paint my bird cages?

Because birds often gnaw on cage bars and thus wear away the paint, it is not advisable to paint a birdcage with regular paint. Ingesting the paint may be harmful to your pet. You can, however, col... Read More »

Are used bird cages safe?

On One Hand: Beware of Unsafe Materials and Incomplete CagesConsider the material the cage is made from. An antique wooden cage may be pretty, but think about this: most birds are either bored or p... Read More »

How to Amuse Your Parakeet or Other Bird?

Parakeets and other birds are feathery friends and love to be played with. Here's how to amuse them and keep them healthy and happy.

Can cardinals live in bird cages?

Although cardinals are physically able to live in bird cages, it is not legal in the United States to keep a cardinal in captivity. Cardinals are classified as migratory birds, and thus are protect... Read More »