About Ostrich Feathers?

Answer Today when the subject of ostrich feathers comes up it typically has to do with flashy Las Vegas-style costuming---elaborate fans, showgirls' headdresses and the like. However, the wide, fluffy plu... Read More »

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About Ostrich Eggs?

Ostrich eggs are big. Each egg weighs as much as 2.5 lbs. and is approximately 6 inches long. The shell of the egg is 0.06 of an inch in thickness, but is capable of supporting the weight of a pers... Read More »

Facts About Peacock Feathers?

One of the most beautiful birds for its colorful, patterned tail feathers, the Indian peafowl or Pavo cristatus is revered throughout the world for its symbolic, valuable and glimmering feathers. F... Read More »

About how many feathers does a mature turkey have?

Though the exact number varies based on size and gender, most mature adult turkeys have approximately 3,500 feathers on their bodies. Turkeys have a fan-like tail of larger feathers, and their head... Read More »

How large is an ostrich egg?

The egg of an ostrich weighs about 3 lb. and averages 6 inches long by 5 inches high, according to the San Diego Zoo. An ostrich egg takes roughly 42 to 46 days to hatch.Source:San Diego Zoo: Anima... Read More »