About Organic Mineral Makeup?

Answer Organic mineral makeup has been around since the mid 1970s, but it has now become one of the biggest sellers in the cosmetic industry. Made from finely ground minerals found in nature, it is market... Read More »

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Is mineral oil organic?

In chemical terms, an "organic compound" refers to any compound that contains carbon. Petroleum refineries produce mineral oil, along with numerous other chemicals, during the refining process for ... Read More »

How to Start a Natural Organic & Mineral Cosmetics Line?

If you have a passion for natural and organic skin care, industry knowledge and solid business skills, you might be ready to start your own line of natural mineral-based cosmetics. Mineral make-up ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Using Traditional Makeup Vs. Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup could be called trendy, while traditional makeup has been popular for years. Mineral makeup is based in loose powder, while traditional makeup usually comes in liquid form. How each ... Read More »

Do you think mineral makeup is any better than regular makeup?

No. It's just a marketing scam to make people think they're wearing makeup good for their skin when in reality there's no such thing as makeup good for your skin. That's the kind of thing you risk ... Read More »