About Nose Piercings?

Answer Nose piercings are done on the nose for a variety of reasons. These reasons are religious, beauty, social standing and also just for the sake of having a nose piercing. The meanings vary from place... Read More »

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Someone who knows about the healing process of piercings (specifically nose piercings)?

That's completely normal. Nose piercings are very very sensitive and can be for up to a year or so after getting it pierced. Two of my nose piercings that I've now had for about 2 and a half years ... Read More »

What do you think about nose piercings am i too young?

I think you should get it done. Why not?But maybe you could try a magnetic one for a week or 2 nd see how noticeable it is. Maybe then you will be able to decide.You can buy them for around $15 usu... Read More »

Nose piercings?

no neither side of your nose says 'im gay' or 'im straight'....its your preference and you can even ask the piercing artist which side he thinks is best, they will help you out. i have my left side... Read More »

Are nose piercings offensive?

On One Hand: Healing PiercingsA healing piercing, with swelling, redness or exuding fluids may look offensive in certain environments. For example, a server at a restaurant with an oozing piercing ... Read More »