About Nose Piercing to Earring Chain Jewelry?

Answer You don't want to get a boring old nose ring, nor are you satisfied with just earrings or simple jewelry chains. However, if you put the three together, you can have a smashing look that will wow t... Read More »

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Nose piercing jewelry sinking into nose Should I have it removed?

Take it from a piercer, remove it, or get a stud with a larger head and longer post. Your body is not rejecting it, the hole is getting bigger and the stud is sinking into the hole. The puss is fro... Read More »

Nose Piercing Jewelry Types?

Nose piercings are one of the most common facial piercings worn today, according to Easy Body Jewelry. The tradition of having a nose piercing has roots in Indian, Middle Eastern and African cultur... Read More »

Where can I purchase a double cartilage chain earring ?

maybe there are some earrings you would like , Bvlgari Earring, Chanel Earring, D&G (Dolce & Gabbana) Earring, Dior Earring,Gucci Earring, Hermes Earring, Juicy Couture Earring, LV (Louis Vuit... Read More »

Tragus Piercing is infected and swollen, pulling earring under the skin.?

It appears to be infected. Apply antibiotic ointment.