About Non-Toxic Makeup?

Answer On the surface, a product such as lipstick does not appear to be particularly harmful--after all, our mothers and grandmothers have been using it for years. However, scientific findings have made a... Read More »

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Is Mineral Makeup Toxic?

Mineral makeup is a popular type of makeup reputed to give flawless coverage. The product is based in loose powder, an alternative to liquid makeup. Mineral makeup is advertised as all natural, mea... Read More »

How Do I Protect the Makeup in My Makeup Case During an Outdoor Summer Photo Shoot?

If you bring makeup to a photo shoot at the beach, you must take proper care to keep the makeup from getting too hot. Makeup needs to be kept cool and if it is placed on a beach in the heat, the re... Read More »

Makeup help needed! How can I use my makeup most effectively without ending up looking like a whore every time?

How the hell do you expect to make any money if the guys can't tell you're a whore?

Natural makeup - or dramatic makeup [guys open; girls can to]?

i consider makeup being an art. i play with different designs and colors. i prefer very dramatic, standout type makeup, it doesn't look natural, but neither do the outfits we wear..i don't use it t... Read More »