About Netherland Dwarf Rabbits?

Answer The Netherland dwarf is a well-known exhibition rabbit that was first bred in Holland. The breed has a short-haired coat that allows for easy grooming and cleaning when combined with its small size... Read More »

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How to Train a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit?

Netherland dwarf rabbits, the smallest of all pure-bred rabbits, weigh in at about 2 pounds, and feature rounded bodies and short, upright ears. Often referred to as the "gems of the rabbit world,"... Read More »

Information on the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit?

Rabbits belong to the lagomorph, or hare-like, group of the mammal class. Lagomorphs are subdivided into two families: pikas and rabbits and hares. The tame rabbit that most people raise comes fro... Read More »

How to Care for Dwarf Rabbits?

Dwarf rabbits can make great pets!Dwarf rabbits can require a lot of work as they are very fragile and delicate. If you need more information on how to care for your dwarf rabbit, this is the guide... Read More »

About Winter White Dwarf Hamsters?

If you bought your dwarf hamster from a pet store you can be almost certain that it is not a Winter White Dwarf hamster. Winter White hamsters are not extremely common, but in recent years they've ... Read More »