About Natural Curly Hair Styles?

Answer While some consider naturally curly hair a curse as it can be challenging to maintain and style, a little know-how of the appropriate products and styling techniques can go a long way in making cur... Read More »

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Curly Styles for Natural Black Hair?

Natural hair refers to African American hair that hasn't been straightened or relaxed. Instead, it's left in its natural texture, which tends to be curly and somewhat coarse. To take advantage of t... Read More »

Curly Styles for Natural Curls?

Many women with natural curls don't know how to cut or style their hair, and some even spend every morning straightening it with a flat iron. With the right cut and style, naturally curly hair can... Read More »

Layered Hair Styles for Thick, Coarse & Curly Hair?

Thick, coarse and curly hair is defined by heavy hair follicles, which are wiry, paired with natural, bouncy curls. While this hair type allows for significant volume and body, it can be difficult ... Read More »

Different Styles for Curly Hair?

Curly hair can go from ethereal to unruly in no time, but taming it is possible. Few recognize the potential of curls and how they can enhance a style in a way straight hair cannot. Stylists and ce... Read More »