About Nail Drills?

Answer When you hear "nail drill," you might think of a hardware store or a tool belt, but this kind of nail drill has a much different purpose. Nail drills are also an electronic tool used to shape peopl... Read More »

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Are nail drills hot?

Nail drills create heat when they operate at high-rotation speeds or when certain course materials like diamond-bit attachments are used. The wet method, which involves spraying a fine stream of wa... Read More »

How hot do nail drills become?

Nail drills should always stay cool to the touch. However, frictional heat occurs when the drill is placed against the nail. Most commonly felt by the client, frictional heat increases with the amo... Read More »

Do you guys have any questions about nail polish, nail art, or nails?

What do you do when your nails turn yellow-ish from bad nail polish?How do you paint your nails without bubbles?How do you paint your nails without streaks?For french tips, should you use a pinkish... Read More »

How to Pull a Nail Using the Nail Jack or Nail Hunter?

Reuse wood that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. The Nail Jack and Nail Hunter are tools that accelerate fastener removal from walls, floors, lumber, roofs and other surfaces clean and effi... Read More »