About Mass Email?

Answer If you have a message that you want to transmit to a large group of people, a mass e-mail may be advisable. Meeting information for a fan club, a schedule of rehearsals for a school band and announ... Read More »

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How do I forward a mass email?

Forwarding a Mass EmailOpen the email you want to forward. Locate your email client's "Forward" button, usually either directly above or below the body of the email. Click the "Forward" button. Thi... Read More »

Mass Email Tutorial?

Mass emailing is a common today and can be an efficient tool. Mass emailing can be useful for sending announcements, newsletters, invitations, etc. Microsoft Word has a tool called mail merge, wh... Read More »

How to Send a Mass PHP Email?

There are a number of different reasons you might need to send an email to a large number of people. Perhaps you run a small business or a club and need to send newsletters, special event notices... Read More »

The Best Way to Send Mass Email?

Sending mass email to clients and potential clients is a necessary marketing tool for many websites and online businesses. A well-crafted email can draw in a curious potential client and generate m... Read More »