About Lipstick?

Answer Lipstick has been used for beautification purposes for centuries. However, the lipstick that we know today was not the lipstick used thousands of years ago. It has come in and out of fashion throug... Read More »

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About Lipstick Ingredients?

For thousands of years, people have used cosmetics. The ingredients have changed throughout the years, but the concept has remained the same: to enhance beauty. Lipstick is one of the first cosmeti... Read More »

Information About Lead in Lipstick?

Lead is bad for humans, and we should make every effort to distance ourselves from it. Children aged six and younger are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning. That is why it is important to keep... Read More »

About Whale Blubber Used in Lipstick?

Perhaps you have heard the song by Graham Nash from 1975 called "Wind on the Water," where he laments the killing of whales for frivolous reasons, such as to "make the lipstick for your face." An... Read More »

Im a 16 year old boy that fantasizes about periods, makeup and lipstick?

i hope your kidding. but then again i really hope this is not what your saturday nights have turned into. making up stories and posting them on yahoo answer for kiscks out of peoples reactions. for... Read More »