About Lipstick?

Answer Lipstick has been used for beautification purposes for centuries. However, the lipstick that we know today was not the lipstick used thousands of years ago. It has come in and out of fashion throug... Read More »

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How do I get lipstick out of my rug ?

I'll lick the carpet fast and furiously until the lipstick wears off. If that doesn't work, just move the sofa.

Does Lipstick Go Bad?

Picture this. You're getting ready for a night out on the town and you just need to add that finishing touch. You reach for your favorite shade of lipstick and open it to apply it when a funky smel... Read More »

How to Get Red Lipstick Out of a Rug?

Lipstick is an essential item in your makeup case. Owning lipstick, however, adds to the risk of getting a stubborn-to-remove stain on your rug, especially if you have children. For best stain-remo... Read More »

How to Buy Lipstick?

There are a few tips to selecting the lipstick that suits your face and the occasion. You need to consider the color of your lips, as well as your skin tone. In addition, you want to take into acco... Read More »