About Lip Liner?

Answer Lip liner has been used for years to make lips look more full and colorful. Outlining lips coated with lipstick with a lip liner gives the face a professionally finished appearance. Temporary and p... Read More »

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Which do you like better: liquid eye liner or pencil eye liner?

Well it depends on the kind of effect you're trying to achieve and what suits you best. If you want a sharp, solid line then go for liquid liner but if you want a smudgy look then go for pencil eye... Read More »

Which is better and why, Liquid eye-liner or pencil eye-liner?

Eye liner got in my eye.... Help?

This is not harmful to your eye, your eye's natural moisture will get rid of the eyeliner. It should go away soon, no need to worry.

Is it bad if I use lip-liner for eye-liner?

I doubt it! As long as you put on a little and if it irritates your eye then dont but if you feel fine after a whole day of wearing it go ahead and i irritation comes just stop! hopefully your not ... Read More »