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Answer Limewire is a P2P (Peer To Peer) application. This means that, all clients that use limewire share their files with everyone else who is also using limewire. Just like 2 computers that shares fil... Read More »

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Ok, LimeWire is illegal but in fact millions of people use it, including me. Ha, but listen here. Kids are getting arrested for using a website online for downloading free songs. Downloading free ... Read More »

Question about limewire?

anything about limewire is illegal but EVERYONE still uses it. just use it; who cares. i don't share music either. i just download it to put it on my ipod. just do it. no big deal (:


Having the program is legal, but actually having downloaded ANY music on it without paying is illegal.

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to the first person who answeredlimewire is not illegalusing limewire to share music that someone else bought, is illegalso pretty much the main thing it is used for is, illegalbut if it was illega... Read More »