About Homecoming Attire?

Answer Homecoming, an American tradition, began in 1870 when alumni from Harvard and Yale were invited back to their schools to watch a football match between their schools. Other universities began to jo... Read More »

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I'm about to take a trip to The Ocean and I'm trying to pick out the proper attire?

Well (((Star))),You sure DO Ramble On..But if you're "Comin'" to California, prepare yourself for a Whole Lotta Love with No Quarter.It's just a Misty Mountain Hop away after all.I can introduce yo... Read More »

1940s Attire for Men?

The Second World War affected men's attire in the 1940s, as shortages in fabric, labor in the garment industry, and government restrictions reduced the amount of the clothing that was available to ... Read More »

How to Buy Business Attire?

Whether you're a fresh college undergraduate entering the world of business or someone who has just made a business career change, you'll have a lot of things to learn about the environment and eti... Read More »

Male Attire of the 1800s?

The 1800s -- or 19th century -- spans the Regency and Victorian periods, but men's clothing changed very little over the century. The Victorian era started in the 1840s, and it had the greatest inf... Read More »