About Hair Bumps?

Answer If you haven't personally suffered from hair bumps, you have no doubt seen someone who has. This inflammation of the hair follicle and skin is not only a cosmetic inconvenience, it often causes dis... Read More »

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How to Prevent Hair Bumps When Shaving Pubic Hair?

Hair bumps are generally caused by curly hair that grows out, turns around and grows back into the skin or by ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs happen when the pubic hair is cut lower than the surface o... Read More »

About Shaving Bumps?

Shaving bumps, a skin irritation or rash caused by shaving, goes by many names including razor burn, razor bumps, shaving rash and shaving burn. They are a common affliction, caused by improper or ... Read More »

About Razor Bumps?

Sometimes called razor acne, red irritated bumps form on newly shaven skin, creating unsightly pimple-like rashes. Areas of the body where the surface of the skin is looser, such as the neck, armpi... Read More »

About Shaving Irritation Bumps?

Not all little, red bumps on your skin are signs of acne. They might be a result of improper shaving. Here are some ideas on how to identify and prevent them from coming back. Doe... Read More »