About Greenhouse Growing Season?

Answer Greenhouse growing seasons can be made to last all year, if the farmer or individual has a desire to continue growing plants through the winter. Preparations must be made each year in order to have... Read More »

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How do I protect year-round growing greenhouse plants from frost?

Keep Cold OutInstall a heater and fan in the greenhouse to maintain warm temperatures and air circulation during the winter. Use the heater only when absolutely necessary, and always set the temper... Read More »

The Growing Season for Avocados?

Also known as the alligator pear, the avocado enjoys widespread popularity as a cultivated fruit in tropical areas and in warm regions of the United States. This rich, creamy fruit contains high le... Read More »

How long is the oat growing season?

Oat seeds need to be planted directly into the garden soil in the early spring. It takes an average of 45 days from seed planting for oats to be ready for harvest.References:Heirloom Organics: Guid... Read More »

Greenhouse growers often add carbon dioxide to the air in the greenhouse What is the advantage of doing this?

All plants need carbon dioxide to complete photosynthesis. Mammals take in oxygen and breath out CO2. It is the exact opposite for plants. The stomata on the plants act as lungs for the CO2 to ente... Read More »