About Glycerin?

Answer Glycerin is a chemical compound and by-product of soap making and biodiesel. It is a nontoxic chemical that dissolves in water and alcohol. Glycerin is an impure compound, and related to the pure... Read More »

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Questions about glycerin please?

I use this guy for all my recipes questions and i have to say im very happy :)Give it a try , i guarantee you that you will stay satisfied!Please let me know if it helps you! Read More »

Define Glycerin?

Glycerin is a versatile, naturally occurring substance with applications in science, food, health and personal care. Glycerin attracts water (it is hygroscopic) and dissolves well in water. ... Read More »

How to Use Glycerin on the Face?

Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it holds moisture in the skin, making it an effective ingredient for skin care, particularly for dry skin. Glycerin can be found in many skin care products... Read More »

Glycerin as Hair Gel?

Glycerin is a water-soluble liquid that forms when fats and oils react with alkali chemicals during the soapmaking process. It’s a common ingredient in commercial hair gels because it’s a humec... Read More »