About Fun Writing Projects in Science?

Answer For students of any grade level, science teachers can infuse the classrooms with imagination by incorporating writing about fun topics. According to The Writing Site, poetry, narratives, memoirs an... Read More »

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Fifth-Grade Writing Projects About the Explorers of the U.S.A.?

Studying the explorers of the United States helps fifth-graders learn history and geography, and, with the right assignments, also helps students develop critical thinking and writing skills. Writi... Read More »

Science Projects About Tornadoes?

Severe weather events hold fascination for many people, including school students, who are often eager to find out what causes these violent storms. Science fair time is the perfect opportunity to ... Read More »

Science Projects About Rainbows?

A rainbow is formed when raindrops reflect sunlight toward an observer's eye. Light is dispersed into seven colors -- red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet. To see a rainbow, the sun must be ... Read More »

Science Projects About Chemistry?

Chemistry is an exciting area of science for students. Science fair projects provide unique opportunities for students to explore chemical reactions that occur in the world around us, including in ... Read More »