About Full-Sleeve Tattoos?

Answer Colorful and interesting, full-sleeve tattoos stand out whenever a person's arms are exposed. The artistic elements to be included within the tattoo, which stretches from the shoulder to the wrist,... Read More »

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What do you think of girls with full sleeve tattoos?

I think its pretty hot to be honest, I mean especially if the girl can pull it off as a total package. I would love to get a sleeve myself but I live in the real world and have a job wear that wou... Read More »

How cool are sleeve tattoos?

Very. They are very cool. Just one more thing that makes me wanna bang you on the regular my love.

About Quarter Sleeve Tattoos?

Tattoos have so many ways to grace the body, with a popular choice being the quarter sleeve tattoo. One of the smallest sleeve designs, the quarter sleeve tattoo is still large enough to pack a pun... Read More »

Do guys with sleeve tattoos shave their arms?

some guys do and some don't.. i have a sleeve's and don't.. when people shave them it allows them to appear brighter, but if out in the sun as much as i am during the summer months if you shave the... Read More »