About Eyelash Implants?

Answer Over time, more and more options have become available for those who want thicker, longer and darker eyelashes. Even alternatives that were once more purely medical in nature have gradually been ma... Read More »

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How to Maintain Eyelash Implants?

People choose to get eyelash implants for a variety of reasons. Some people want to appear more natural after burns while others want thicker lashes or longer lashes without the hassle of putting o... Read More »

Will stem cell tooth implants be able to replace existing dental implants?

In the future, yea why not? however for now it is either using your own bone or cadaver bone with fake teethno doubt stem cell tooth implant will be better. However it will be years or even decades... Read More »

There is an eyelash in my eye?

Try positioning your head in the kitchen sink under the faucet, and turn the warm water on low. Let the water run down across the surface of the eye for a few minutes. Pat it dry and wait to see if... Read More »

Why you get an eyelash in your eye, where does it go?

No there's no furball. The eyelash will always come out or your eye will start itching and going red if there's something in there thats not meant to be.And every time you blink your eye is washed ... Read More »