About Euphorbia Leucodendron?

Answer The succulent euphorbs of Africa and Madagascar often have an appearance similar to cacti, earning them the nickname "cacti of the Old World." Euphorbia leucodendron is one of the many exceptions ... Read More »

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How to Grow Euphorbia?

One of the largest plant families in the world, euphorbia includes approximately 300 genus and 7,500 species of plants. Often known as spurges, the most common euphorbia plants are succulents, whic... Read More »

What is scientific name of euphorbia?

Identification of Euphorbia?

Euphorbia is a class of plants that includes thousands of varieties, from small grass weed to 6-foot-tall succulents. The range of types of euphorbia is very large and encompasses a wide variety of... Read More »

Varieties of Euphorbia?

Modest herbs, cactuslike succulents and brilliantly hued ornamentals count among the Euphorbia plant genus's more than 2,400 species. Members of the spurge (Euphorbiaceae) family, these plants have... Read More »