About Ear Hair?

Answer Ear hair may be unseemly, unwanted and covered in ear wax, but it is not the end of the world. The stuff can be easily removed, in both people and their pets, with no special training and a couple ... Read More »

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Question about a situation im sure we have all thought about.. Pubic hair in labour?

I used to trim and keep it neat but towards the end I was too big and too tired to care, haha. doctors have seen it all. no one is going to say either, for god's sake! how rude would that be. reall... Read More »

Should i get hair extensions Or is there something I can do about my thin hair?

Hi yasmine well i understand you im the same way i hate having thin hair well i could tell you you should get extensions and it makes ur hair thicker couse thats what im doing i got mine for 100 bu... Read More »

What to Do About Gray Hair If Your Hair Already Has Highlights?

Gray hair is one of the main reasons people dye and highlight their hair. But it can be a difficult thing to deal with during the dyeing process, as grey hair is typically more resistant to dyes. I... Read More »

I'm a hair dresser and I refuse to do black's hair anymore. what can be done about this?

In a bun for over a week. Where are all of these bun wearing black women? Mold and ringworm????? And I see you have issues with the truth. Hair does not develop mold nor ringworm in week. Um, h... Read More »