About Dyeing Roots?

Answer People who use permanent color on their hair have a problem every 6 to 8 weeks or so. That's when their roots start to become noticeable. Since it can be expensive and damaging to the hair to dye t... Read More »

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About the Roots of a Poplar Tree?

Poplar trees grow quickly and are usually inexpensive, but they have several potential drawbacks. Shallow, invasive roots, a propensity for disease and a short life-span are just a few of this tree... Read More »

Is my plumber telling me the truth about roots clogging my sewer line?

The best way to figure out what parts of your sewer line are compromised is a CCTV pipe inspection. The pipe inspection never lies. You can also utilize a flow while the camera is in the line. When... Read More »

Do wisteria roots affect other tree roots nearby?

Wisteria roots are very strong, and will interfere with anything in their path, including other roots. You can bury a piece of corrugated plastic between the wisteria and the other plant to prevent... Read More »

What is the depth of roots of St. Augustine grass roots?

St. Augustine grass roots reach a depth anywhere between 40 to 60 centimeters or fifteen to 24 inches, depending on soil conditions, where it is growing geographically and climate conditions.Refere... Read More »