About Dry, Cracked Feet?

Answer Millions of people around the world suffer from dry, cracked feet. The problem might cause the sufferer to feel itchy, or it could just be a nuisance. It could also be a symptom of a serious illnes... Read More »

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How do get rid of cracked feet?

Dilute a little "after shampoo" in water and let your feet in it for about 10 mins or more. Do this very often you'll see that your feet skin will feel soft and there'll be no more cracking.

How to Treat Cracked Feet?

Contrary to popular belief, dry cracked feet are not the generally the result of dry skin. They are the result of improper foot care and can affect anyone whether they suffered from dry skin or not... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Cracked and Callused Feet?

You might think that getting older means you're stuck with cracking, callused skin, especially on your feet, but you need not succumb to unsightly, dry heels. You can incorporate a few steps into y... Read More »

How do you repair cracked feet?

Here's what has worked for me and believe me it works Awesome. First get your hands on some Eucerin lotion for severely cracked and dry skin. Then have someone slop an overdid amount of lotion all ... Read More »