About Double Chins?

Answer A double chin is generally a layer of fat that hangs under the chin, causing a wrinkle and a bulge. It is a particularly hard thing to camouflage and can be quite pernicious once it forms. Double c... Read More »

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How to Fix Double Chins?

Gravity has a way of taking its toll as people age. While crow's feet, lines and creases can be concealed with makeup and plastic surgery, it's a bit more challenging to get rid of a double chin. B... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Double & Triple Chins?

Double and triple chins form from excessive stress on the skin around the neck coupled with a lack of vitamin E and circulation. The combination of these conditions causes the skin to sag, creating... Read More »

How to Avoid Double Chins in Photos?

We've all experienced it, even those of us who don't really have one: the double chin photo. Arguably one of the most unflattering photos of all time, double chins makes us look older, dowdier, and... Read More »

How to Disguise Jowls & Double Chins?

Jowls and double chins come with age. They are not attractive, but you don't have to live with them in their natural state. You can disguise them, tone the muscles and the skin that create the sagg... Read More »