About Diet's Effect on Hair and Nails?

Answer Who doesn't want glamorously glossy hair and beautifully strong nails? Despite all the beauty regimes out there to improve hair and nails, the easiest and most effective way to achieve healthy hair... Read More »

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Is there any research on the effect of diets on narcissistic behavior and where can you find this information?

Answer I don't have any "research" other than watching my spouse for 25 yrs. He is an overeater, but "never eats outside our home." Unfortuantely, because of his refusal to accept his own behavio... Read More »

Can tamoxifen effect nails and teeth?

Yes I do think so I know people on tamoxifen and their nails are stronger and there teeth after six months became slightly dull and brown so yes it is possible

Are acrylic gel nails or silk wrapped artificial nails better for your real nails?

Here is more information about Gel and Acrylic nail'm a nail technician and to be honest, they're both going to damage your natural nail bed.A... Read More »

The Effect of Alcohol Based Hair Products on Hair?

Alcohol-based hair products have distinct effects on hair, depending on which alcohol is the active ingredient. Some alcohols dry hair out, while others have the opposite effect. The group that the... Read More »