About Creel?

Answer Baskets can come in any size or shape, and they can be used for nearly any purpose. But today, with the proliferation of lightweight backpacks, fanny packs, and multi-purpose bags, the basket has b... Read More »

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How is a fishing creel used?

Fishing creels are among the oldest ways of securing your catch and keeping it fresh while enjoying further fishing. With its simple construction and easy usability, the fishing creel is one of the... Read More »

What is a fishing creel?

A fishing creel is a container, typically a lightweight basket of some type, that anglers use to hold their catch when they fish from land or near the shoreline. The term creel limit refers to the ... Read More »

What was the series called on BBC about a peacekeeping tank regiment in Kosovo about 10 years ago. I think it was only about 3 episodes?

You heard about a prison in Peru that has no guards like Sona in Prison break you may be wrong about the country but you really like to know more about this?

Yes-It's called Lurigancho and because there are too many prisoners versus guards, they have to elect prisoners that run the show. The conditions are terrible.