About Corset Piercings?

Answer While corsets date back to the 16th century, corset piercings are relatively new. Corset piercings typically consist of two rows of piercings on the back, laced with ribbon to create the desired co... Read More »

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Someone who knows about the healing process of piercings (specifically nose piercings)?

That's completely normal. Nose piercings are very very sensitive and can be for up to a year or so after getting it pierced. Two of my nose piercings that I've now had for about 2 and a half years ... Read More »

How to Make a Corset From an Existing Corset?

A corset is a very versatile piece in a woman's closet. It shapes the body underneath an evening dress, can be a sexy top paired with jeans or an elegant avant-garde ensemble paired with a puffy fl... Read More »

About Navel Piercings?

Navel piercing is an ancient tradition that has gained popularity since the 1990's. Many women choose to pierce their bellybutton as a fun fashion trend. However, a successful piercing requires muc... Read More »

About Tongue Piercings?

Tongue piercings have become increasingly popular in recent decades, though still considered taboo in the workplace and other conservative environments. A tongue piercing is acceptable for either g... Read More »