About Concealer?

Answer If you suffer from under eye circles or slight imperfections in your skin, the perfect concealer can hide these dark areas beautifully. More than a make-up artist's miracle blemish-covering secret ... Read More »

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Question about which concealer to pick!?

OH MY GOSH ...I was you a year ago! I tried all of those & then i tried the landcome protective undereye concealer...its even waterproof! I cant tell you how nice this is ..its $25 but soo worth it... Read More »

I have VERY red and dry cheeks. which Should I do first, Foundation, Reg. Concealer or Green Concealer?

STEER CLEAR OF GREEN CONCEALER UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTIST!!!So many people mess up with green concealer, whether that is to cover their red acne or something else. If your cheeks ... Read More »

Difference between normal concealer and under eye concealer ?

Well I guess TECHNICALLY you can...But I believe regular concealer is meant for your overall face. To even outbyor skin color, hide small blemishes, etc. And eye concealer is mainly if you have und... Read More »

Liquid concealer or concealer stick?

I use a concealer stick and it works pretty well. The one i use is Maybelline and it's made with minerals. I would suggest something similar.