About Colonial Leather?

Answer Today we consider leather to be a luxury item. A leather coat can be very costly. In Colonial times, leather was a necessity. People did not have synthetic materials and used leather for clothing, ... Read More »

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I have a Maddox colonial reproduction leather top desk and I am wondering how much it could be worth?…

About Religion in Colonial Georgia?

Besides serving as a land of safety for criminals working out their debts, colonial Georgia was also a safe haven for people fleeing from religious persecution. It was here that debtors as well as ... Read More »

About Religion in New York During Colonial Times?

Religion in New York during colonial times was often segregated and individualistic; however, because economic gain was the motivating factor of the colony's existence, many different religious gro... Read More »

Facts for Kids About Life in Colonial Times?

Permanent European settlements began to appear in America in the early 1700s, although San Augustine was founded in 1565. The English, for example, established their first colony at Jamestown, Virg... Read More »