About Chlorine-Green Hair?

Answer While chlorine keeps the water of a pool clean and free of bacteria, it does a number on your hair. This doesn't mean that you have to give up swimming, though, which is a great form of exercise th... Read More »

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How to Fix Green Chlorine Hair When in a Jam?

Sometimes the long hours in the hot sun and swimming pool results in a condition commonly called "swimmer hair" in which your hair turns green. Overchlorinated hair takes on a green cast and often ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Green Hair From Chlorine for Blondes?

Green hair isn’t caused by the chlorine in pools itself, but rather from the chemicals and minerals that are in chlorinated pools. The chemicals and minerals build up on hair giving it a green hu... Read More »

Will a chlorine generator cause green hair?

The copper content of swimming pool water, when mixed with chlorine, can cause a green tint to hair--especially noticeable in blondes. The problem increases in damaged hair that has undergone color... Read More »

How to Remove Chlorine From Green Hair?

Chlorine is a chemical added to pool water. Exposure to chlorine and other chemicals in pools can turn normally lighter hair an unsightly shade of green. The hard metals found in the water is what ... Read More »