About Cat Grass?

Answer While browsing through your local pet store, you may have noticed various kits that can be used to grow your own cat grass. But just what is cat grass, and more importantly, is it safe for your cat... Read More »

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What can I do about my dying grass?

Spike the ground with a fork. Also l give it a good watering and use lawn fertilizer

Facts About the Grass Tree?

The grass tree of Australia belongs to the genus Xanthorrhoea. The aborigines call it "balga," which means "black boy," a name that is very appropriate in view of the fact that the trunk of the gr... Read More »

My grass is brown everywhere my dog pees. What can I do about that?

Hi and I have to laugh! I am in the horticultural industry and my yard is the worst in the neighborhood! I have a Border Collie, a Basset, and A German Shepherd! 2 Cats and three grand sons! I... Read More »

I have some questions about cutting your grass?

No, grass has roots and rhizomes, you're just chopping the tops can kill grass if you try hard enough, but since much of it is underground yes it can be difficult to eliminateYeah plenty of... Read More »