About Body Hair?

Answer Body hair is a fact of life for everyone. Almost every person on the planet has to deal with some form of body hair, in all its various types and thicknesses. Some people have very fine body hair w... Read More »

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What was the 1970s kid's show hosted by a lady with short hair in a classroom dressed in a unitard that had a diagram of a body and she would talk about the body digestion and what organs do?

You can watch it on the Discovery Kids Channel at 2:30-3:30 or 10:30-11:00 Central Time when that episode airs.Or, you could just go to United Streaming, but you'll need a password and username;Use... Read More »

The doctors tell me that my hair will grow back thicker and curly....But what about my body hair....arms legs?

It's been my experience that it can grow back differently as well, however, in some cases body hair doesn't grow back and if it does it is baby fine and light colored best wishes darlin xxx

How to Get Rid of Body Hair?

If you are determined to remove your body hair, there are several ways to do this. However, you will probably want to use the least painful method available.

How to Add Body to Hair?

Big, bouncy, beautiful hair is an accessory that every female, no matter what age desires. Unfortunately, some of us weren't born with the luscious locks that have natural body and volume. For thos... Read More »