About Beer Bellies?

Answer "Do fries come with that shake?" may not be what you want to hear in reference to your mid-section. The unsightly abdominal fat that protrudes from your physique is more than unaesthetic, it's unhe... Read More »

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Does anyone remember the "A & W Root Beer Drive Inn Restraunt and How about their famour Root Beer?

There is one still in Edwardsville, ILL...along the historic rt 66. There are modern ones in STL.

When to lay a babies on there bellies?

While sleeping a baby should always be placed on his/her back and only on their tummies supervised 4 tummy time however most will tend 2 get a tad cranky at it

Im 14 and about to drink beer?

I have never drunk beer, but I've heard its not worth it. Beer is not particularly tasteful alcohol. Is it addictive? No. One drink will not get you addicted. You might, however, find yourself addi... Read More »

Question about chelada beer....?

man, don't you know anything? take one 12 oz. can of beer, one small spicy hot v8, and two alka seltzer. put in tall glass. wait one minute, drink. repeat as necessary, lol